VSV California Cases

We have received information from our local veterinarians that Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) has been confirmed in San Diego and Riverside Counties

VS is a viral disease that can affect horses, donkeys, mules, cattle, swines, and camelids. Rarely, it can also affect humans.

What to look for with your horse:

  • Ulcerations of the lips, muzzle, nostrils, and tongue
  • Difficulty eating and excessive drooling due to ulcerations on tongue
  • Ucerations and erosions at coronary band that cause lameness

It is spread via black flies, sand flies and biting midges. Additionally, it can be transmitted by touching affected lesions, through shared water or feed sources.


  • Isolate affected animals and do not move them on or off property
  • Do not travel to areas where there is currently an outbreak (San Diego County and Riverside County)
    1. Promote air circulation with fans and open breezeways/doors
    2. Clean up manure and urine more frequently
    3. Keep waste as far away as possible from where horses are stabled
    4. Apply insect repellent to horses, including wiping it on the inside of their ears where black flies like to feed!
  • Wear gloves when working with affected horses
  • Practice good biosecurity (do not share tack, equipment, waters, do not let unfamiliar horses touch nose to nose)

The best advice is to keep your horses at home. San Diego County and Riverside County are getting close to home. If you attend a show, roping, or any other competitions where the horses are coming from all over, you never know if they have come in contact with a horse that has been exposed to VS. While it is not life threatening, we urge you to read up on it as it sounds miserable for our poor equine friends. Again, the advice we were given is to keep your horses home until this passes.


DeeDee Friedrich, YLCR President
Dee Dee Friedrich, YLCR President

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