50 YEARS!!


What a Show! What an Anniversary Celebration! We canโ€™t thank everyone enough for helping to bring this day together. After much anticipation centered around Covid restrictions, it appeared a 2020 celebration would be impossible, but a miracle in November let it happen. BIG THANKS go out to our sponsors, trainers that brought their students, competitors, the City for allowing us to provide the Show, to Johnny for all his hard work to make our arenas look so amazing, and finally to our Show staff.

  • Big classes at YLCR 2020 show
  • Little equestrian and her friend
  • Happy equestrian winners
  • Littlest announcer
  • Smiles all day long
  • Happy mother and daughter equestrians
  • Big Trophy winner
DeeDee Friedrich, YLCR President
Dee Dee Friedrich, YLCR President

Join us for our Quarterly Meetings

Yorba Linda Community Center โ€ข Casa Loma & Imperial Hwy
EVERYONE is welcome! Horse ownership is not a requirement.

  • February Meeting – CANCELED
  • May 5, 2021 @ 7:00 pm
  • August 11, 2021 @ 7:00 pm
  • November 3, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

Yorba Linda Country Riders

    • We are neighbors and family and friends.
    • We share a common interest with all city residents in our desire to see an active, prosperous community.
    • We strive to promote the development of parks, multi-purpose trails, and recreation areas.
    • We encourage family participation . . . time spent in rewarding and enjoyable activities.
    • We feel that our goals can be met by participating in the city’s only equestrian club.
    • We share a common interest in maintaining and assuring the horse and rider’s part in our community.
    • We strive to promote cooperation between equestrians and non-horse owners … a relationship providing long range benefits for everyone.
    • We encourage safety and good horsemanship.
    • WE INVITE YOU TO PARTICIPATE … Help us to provide education for the protection, promotion, and preservation of all aspects of the equine heritage that defines our community.

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The primary mission of the Yorba Linda Country Riders, as set forth herein, is the dedication to the aesthetics of a semi-rural atmosphere that represents the historical heritage of Yorba Linda. Through the avenue of educational enterprise, the objective of the Yorba Linda Country Riders endeavors to promote, preserve, and protect all aspects of the equestrian element of Yorba Linda and surrounding areas by also supporting the efforts of like-minded organizations where appropriate.

Furthermore, the Yorba Linda Country Riders supports the concept of humane and ethical treatment of all animals and believes that humans have an inseparable relationship with the natural world. Unnecessary hardship imposed upon animals as a result of a relationship with humans will not be tolerated, and membership in the Yorba Linda Country Riders will be terminated where willful abuse of equines and other animals is determined to occur.